Child programming education halo pcb


♦Processor kernel: XTENSA 32-BIT LX6 dual-core processor

♦Main frequency: 240MHz

♦Connection WiFi / Bluetooth / Micro-USB serial port

♦Endoriped memory: Flash Rom 440K, RAM 520K

♦Extended memory: storage (SPI FLASH) 4MB, memory (PSRAM) 4MB

♦Working voltage: 3.3V

♦Product size: diameter 45mm

♦Weight: 10g (excluding packaging)

Product Description

Halo PCB is a veneer computer with built-in Wi-Fi. The small body has a rich electronic module and is designed for programming education. It uses a simple, with wisdom programming software to make the programming learn from the hand. Halo PCB brings richer and more diverse IoT applications and programming experiences, allowing everyone to easily achieve interesting electronic creation.

IoT application operation is easy: Through wisdom programming software, it can be connected to the Internet for only 3 steps to facilitate the realization of IoT applications, such as creating simple smart home devices.

1. IOT: That is, the Internet of Things, the purpose is to allow objects to interconnect, facilitate identification and management, and realize functional data and intelligence.

2. Equipped with the local area network 2 function: The Wi-Fi module allows multiple halo PCB to perform “wireless” or even “unlimited” connection to achieve creative effects such as light effect interaction.

Product Applications

Product Features 

Support voice recognition, simple entry artificial intelligence teaching
The halo PCB has a microphone module, combined with the Microsoft cognitive service integrated by Hui -programming, can easily realize AI voice recognition. Children can use a cute little playmate in voice interaction, or sound control home equipment to learn to apply cutting -edge technology to life.


Have rich sensors to achieve diversified electronic creation
We integrate a variety of sensors on circuit boards with a diameter of only 45mm, so that the halo PCB has “sensory”. Through programming, children can define the reaction after the aura PCB feels the environmental change, and make an interesting electronic creation such as a wearable sports bracelet, a body -sensing game, or an interactable rainbow lamp.

Experience multi -thread programming to comprehensively reduce the difficulty of programming
The halo PCB is equipped with 4MB of memory and XTENSA 32-BIT LX6 dual-core processor. It has strong computing processing capabilities, which can allow multi-segment programs to run at the same time and simultaneously present complex and diverse functions. The device allows the creation to return to the “creativity” itself.


Equipped with graphical programming, programming is as simple as patching wood
The aura PCB is designed for programming learning. With wisdom programming software, just drag and drag the graphical instruction module to achieve programming operations. Programming is as simple and intuitive as building blocks. Let students master programming logic and quickly focus on creativity.

Convert python code with one click, easily advanced text programming
The wisdom programming only needs to be operated on the computer side, and the graphical programming language can be presented synchronously by Python code, and the relationship and change of the corresponding code in real time can be presented in real time. Through the Python editor, students can write code to control the graphic programming stage and aura PCB of wisdom programming to achieve more interesting creative results. Advanced text programming allows programming teaching to be complete, giving creative more freedom and more possibilities.

Support machine learning and other artificial intelligence experiences, help entry to innovate technology
In addition to using Microsoft’s voice recognition and other cognitive services, the Google machine learning (Machine Learning) technology integrated through Huijian programming is to allow students to understand the basic concepts of machine learning, create low threshold and interesting projects, and apply it to reality to reality world.

Support mbuild extension accessories, create unlimited possibilities
Halo PCB can connect more than 60 MBuild electronic modules to meet the needs of applied science and innovative education. Combined with a variety of sensors, make a smart curtain, a greenhouse ecosystem, or a fire alarm device that can induced light, allowing children to explore science and application.