SMT General inspection standard (Part I)

Leadsintec will design a quality control product inspection based on product specifications and requirements you provide that fits within your budget.

Inspect Condition:

Put the SMT component semi-finished product under normal illumination that brightness above 800LUX, 1M directly below or 1M of 45W fluorescent lamp, and check it within 5 seconds at a distance of 45CM from the SMD semi-finished product in the direction of 45°-135°.

In addition, if it is impossible to see clearly under normal circumstances (for example, the component feet are dense and the body is too small), a magnifying glass should be used for observation. The specific requirements are as follows:

Land Width or Land DiameterInspection Arbitration

Inspect tool:Magnifier Microscope X-RAY

Reference:《IPC-A-610E》Inspection standards.


SMT general inspection standard (part II)