0201 SMD Package Technology Introduction

Chip capacitor refers to MICC, that is, multilayer, multilayer, stacked ceramic capacitors, but also a series of popular electronic equipment is now indispensable electronic components, and when we choose chip capacitors first want to understand is its package size, capacitance, package, precision, material, voltage and other five representative parameters. 0201 The size of the chip capacitor as more models are now being asked, it is also one of the highest concerns. As one of the most asked about models, its attention is also higher.

Generally speaking, different material specifications of chip capacitors have different advantages of use and characteristics, because in the same package size, we do not know its model, capacitance value, the filled medium is that material processed Erhu layer, so in the package size, different capacitance of the filled medium is different, which will lead to the dielectric loss of the capacitor and the stability of the capacitance is different. Therefore, different capacitors should be selected according to the different functions of capacitors in the circuit. The electrical properties of these materials are stable and do not vary with temperature, voltage and time. They are suitable for high frequency circuits with low loss and stability requirements.

What is 0201 SMD?

Surface mount devices include capacitors, transistors, resistors, and more. SMD components usually come in different sizes. These sizes are always indicated on the SMD components. Also, the 0201 SMD package measures 0.024″ x 0.012″ which is 0.6 x 0.3 mm.

The 0201 SMD is specifically designed to enhance reliability in applications that require spacing. These applications include portable devices such as tablets, digital cameras, smartphones, and more. However, the 0201 SMD components require delicate handling during assembly.

0201 SMD package size is much smaller than 0402 SMD. Therefore, a precise process is essential when mounting 0201 components. 0201 SMD packages are very small. However, this package has imperial and metric codes.

Package size of 0201 chip

According to the current technology, 0201 chip capacitor size, can do the size of smaller chip capacitors. Its minimum package number is 15000 pcs.

Conventional chip capacitors by material are divided into COG (NPO), X7R, Y5V, in accordance with the imperial standard. Its pin package usually has the following 12 types of models: 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805.1206, 1210, 1812, 1825, 2225, 3012, 3035. Here we come to understand how much the 0201 chip capacitor size specification is .

0201 Chip capacitor size: 0201 is currently the smaller size (0603) 0.6mm * 0.3m. Small capacitor size (length X width X thickness: 0.6X0.3X0.3mm), that is, the international size 0603. which: 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206 for the common package size of the chip capacitors, the capacity range of the general 0.5 pF1uF. 1210, 1210, 1210, 1206, 1812, 1825, 2225, 3012, 3035. 1210, 1812, 1825, 2225, 3012, 3035 for large size chip capacitors, capacity range in luF ~ 100uF.

Technical requirements for 0201 smd packages

In practice, the placement of 0201 components is more challenging than the previous components. The main reason for this is that 0201 is approximately one-third the size of the corresponding 0402, which requires a very high level of placement accuracy.

As a result, mounting lines must also be equipped with new technologies to maintain the assembly process and offer customers a complete range of services.

SMT equipment vendors have achieved 0201 compatibility with a theoretical minimum pickup reliability of 99.90%, a target pickup reliability of 99.95%, and a minimum placement reliability of 99.99%.

Among them, the core hardware manufacturing process parameters are the key factors for the mounter to have 0201 placement strength.

1. Component feeder table

Ensure repeatable positioning of individual feeders, and the use of a dual-track linear moving guide combined with a high-resolution, semi-closed-cycle servo system allows components to be drawn as close to the center as possible.

2. Component Feeder

The mechanism used to position and lock the feeder in position must be durable and precise, and the materials used to manufacture the feeder must be strong and lightweight to ensure that the suction position maintains repeatability.

3、Feeder drive sprocket

The shape, taper and length of the drive sprocket teeth greatly affects the ability of the feeder to locate the material belt, which can be increased by 20% in the X-direction and 50% in the Y-direction.

4. Suction Heads

Material selection, material hardness, machining tolerances and thermal characteristics are required to enable the suction nozzle to move within the fixture in order to respond to the impact during the suction and placement of components, to compensate for small changes in the height of the solder paste, to reduce the risk of component breakage.

5、Nozzle shaft assembly

By keeping the entire nozzle and shaft assembly directly centered, overpressure (jitter) phenomenon.

6、Nozzle design

In order to suck 0201 (0.6 * 0.3mm) components, the nozzle outside diameter must not be greater than 0.4mm, so it is necessary to increase the strength of the nozzle, allowing the nozzle to resist bending.

7. Substructure

All machines generate vibration during operation, optimization of the substrate frame design can reduce the speed and motion effects of vibration and harmonic resonance to a manageable level to cope with the negative effects.