Appearance inspection standard of PCBA patch

PCBA SMD appearance inspection standards include pads and solder balls, printing quality, component size and shape, surface cleanliness, and packaging and transportation, etc. Through the inspection of these aspects, you can effectively improve the quality of PCBA SMD, reduce maintenance costs and improve production efficiency, the following is what is the PCBA SMD appearance inspection standards?

PCBA patch appearance inspection standard is what?

1, PCBA patch pads and solder balls

Pad and solder ball is the focus of PCBA patch surface inspection, pad should remain intact, no cracks, gaps, deformation and other defects; solder ball should be as small as possible and evenly distributed, to avoid too much or too little, and the solder on the pad should be kept in the right amount, not too much or too little, so as not to affect the quality of welding.

2, PCBA patch printing quality

Printing quality directly affects the appearance of the PCBA patch, the printing pattern should be clear, accurate, bright colors, no fuzzy, missed prints, misalignment and other issues, and the choice of printing ink is also very important, some inks contain volatile substances, which can easily lead to solder reflux is not smooth, which in turn produces air holes, voids and other defects.

3, PCBA component size and shape

The size and shape of the components should meet the design requirements, no deformation, distortion, offset, etc., while the height and width of the components should be compatible with the thickness of the PCB board to ensure the quality of soldering, for special shapes of the components, such as round, square, etc., should be checked to see if the edges are smooth, no burrs, no cracks.

4, PCBA patch surface cleanliness

PCBA patch surface should be kept clean, no stains, grease, oxidized layer and other impurities, these impurities may affect the welding quality, or even lead to welding failure, so in the appearance of the inspection, the surface of the components should be cleaned.

5, PCBA patch packaging and transportation

In the packaging and transportation process, PCBA patch may be extruded, collision and other external forces, resulting in damage to the appearance, so in the appearance of the inspection, should also check whether the component packaging is intact, such as damage should be replaced in a timely manner, and pay more attention to the transportation process of the shock-proof measures, to avoid damage to the components in the transportation process.

PCBA patch in the actual production process, enterprises should be based on their own actual situation, develop appropriate appearance inspection standards, and strengthen the training and management of employees to ensure the smooth progress of the appearance inspection work, and PCBA patch good appearance quality can not only improve the aesthetics of the product, but also reduce the cost of maintenance, improve production efficiency, so the appearance of PCBA patch inspection is very important.