How to choose a PCB supplier

There are a large number of PCB production and processing manufacturers worldwide, and the PCB industry has huge competition. Affected by the level of industrial development and national economic strength, PCB manufacturing technology in some areas is relatively backward, and sometimes it does not meet customer requirements. If you are looking for a PCB supplier, then you need to spend some time learning how to choose a suitable PCB supplier, you can start from these aspects.

1. To understand your own needs in -depth

Before choosing PCB suppliers, we must first understand our own needs, including the type, layer, size, working environment of the PCB board, which will have a direct impact on the choice of manufacturers. At the same time, we also need to consider our own budget, quantity, sample quality and other factors, which will also dominate our choice.

2. Choose a qualified PCB manufacturer

When choosing PCB suppliers, we must give priority to choosing a qualified large manufacturer to ensure the quality and stability of the product. Generally speaking, the strength and hardware equipment of large manufacturers are superior and have high production capacity and technical level. In addition, we can evaluate the manufacturer’s comprehensive strength through ISO, CE, UL and other certificates of ISO, CE, UL, and listening to customers.

3. Understand PCB manufacturer’s design and process

When choosing PCB suppliers, we also need to consider its design and process capabilities. After all, good design and process capabilities directly affect product quality and performance. Before choosing a manufacturer, we can understand the number of technical teams, R&D capabilities, and process processes of manufacturers by checking their official website, recruitment information, etc., and judging whether they have the ability to produce according to our needs. PCB board.

4. Consider delivery date and courier

It is also necessary to understand its delivery and courier methods. Under normal circumstances, the fast-proof PCB board needs to be completed in 24 hours, and then distributed through international express delivery. Therefore, it is necessary to choose manufacturers with fast overseas warehouses and fast networking speeds to ensure the quality of production cycles and express services.

5. Prefer to choose PCB manufacturers with good after-sales service

After-sales service is an important factor. The production of PCB boards is a delicate and complex process, and some problems will inevitably occur. At this time, the after-sales service of the manufacturer is very important. An excellent PCB fast proofing manufacturer can provide a complete set of after-sales service after production, including technical support, repairs, maintenance, etc., to help customers perform later tracking and inspection of missing and leaking materials.

6. Comparison of costs in many respects

Any company will consider cost factors when choosing a supplier. Of course, we want to get the maximum value at the lowest price. In this way, we can have more profits. PCB assembly costs vary greatly depending on the following factors:

Order size: larger orders will cost more, but you can use the advantages of batch pricing to save the cost of each unit.

Request Service: The types of service you request will be different. The cost of passing and surface installation technology may vary. If you need additional testing, you need to assemble the company to help you design, or you need the company to buy components to assemble, your cost will increase.

Resources Provided: If you provide the component required by the project for the company, you do not need to buy it from the assembly. In some cases, this may be a more cost-effective method.

Labor costs: More complex and advanced projects may have higher labor costs.

Transportation Costs: The cost of transporting PCB back and forth will vary depending on how far the preparation is from you, the size of the order, and the transportation options provided by the preparation dealer.

7. Pay attention to the professionalism of quality inspectors

Each PCB manufacturer is equipped with quality inspection personnel to test the finished PCB product. Only the inspection will transfer the finished product to the customer’s place. The professionalism and level of quality inspection are directly related to the quality of the finished PCB product. Therefore, the requirements for quality inspection personnel are very high, and there will be strict quality inspection processes and inspection standards, so we should pay attention to quality inspection standards and processes in the process of choosing PCB manufacturers. All Leadsintec circuit boards must undergo the strictest inspection, rather than a simple manual visual inspection. We use testing equipment used in the industry, such as flying needle tester, X-ray detection machine and automatic optical inspection equipment.

8. Pay attention to risk

When choosing a PCB supplier, some risk issues should also be taken to avoid, so as to ensure that our project runs smoothly.

Manufacturing is not flexible enough: If the supplier has better solution technology, but they are really unwilling to use it on your project, then they may not really want to cooperate with you.

Long production cycle: If a company always needs to spend a long time communicating, at the same time, the project speed is very slow, and the production cycle is long, then it is not a qualified supplier.

Lack of reference materials: Each PCB assembly company should be able to provide you with recommendations from previous customers, unless they have just started their business. Even so, they should be able to point out employees with relevant experience and knowledge. If a company does not provide you with a recommendation letter, it is a dangerous signal. In addition, inspection certification.

Too high cost: If compared with other companies, the assembly service cost of a company seems to be very high, and they do not give an explanation, then this is a dangerous signal. High cost is not necessarily a warning sign, but if you don’t know what you have to pay, the extra cost may not be worth it.


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