How to choose PCB board material

The production of PCB circuit board is the most basic raw materials of PCB substrate and ink, PCB substrate selection, should follow which several characteristics, to our common several surface treatment process as an example, the same PCB substrate for each process characteristics are very different:
① tin spray plate: Good solderability, good reliability, the strongest compatibility, disadvantages: board surface containing lead, now most products do not use this process.
② Sunk gold plate: good wear resistance, good reliability, bright color, strong weldability, disadvantages: high process cost, there is a “black pad” problem, solid and general products will not use this process.
③ Gold-plated plate: gold-plated plate process cost is the highest of all the plates, but at present all the existing plates are the most stable, also most suitable for use in the lead-free process of the plate, especially in some high unit price or the need for high reliability of electronic products are recommended to use this plate as the base material.
(4) OSP board: low production cost, simple operation, disadvantages: after high temperature heating, the protective film on the PAD is damaged, resulting in the reduction of solder.
⑤ tin plate: low production cost, bright appearance, shortcomings: easy pollution, scratch, plus the process will occur oxidation discoloration.
⑥ Silver plate: simple process, reasonable production price, excellent performance, disadvantages: “silver” itself has a strong mobility, easy to lead to leakage.