How to custom PCB boards

High Quality Custom PCB Printing

lst is a professional PCB manufacturing company. We provide one-stop PCB customized processing service for global customers. Including PCB prototype production, PCB mass production. We provide a high level PCB customization service to meet different prices and requirements.

Fast Custom  PCB Printing

1.Fast custom PCB printing service.

Engineers, assemblers and designers from over 50 countries have trusted us for fast custom PCB printing for over 10 years. Companies large and small know they can count on us for mission critical custom PCB printing. We have an industry-leading on-time rate that our customers love. We understand the importance of fulfilling your commitments, which is why we have a rock-solid guarantee of customer satisfaction!

2. Custom PCB Prototyping

With custom PCB prototyping, we are able to manufacture small runs of single and double sided PCBs to complex multilayer PCBs with blind and buried vias at affordable prices.

From hobbyists to professional electronics companies, we can fulfill all your Cust PCB prototyping requirements in-house. Unlike PCB brokers, we don’t outsource your work to other companies. You deal directly with us ( PCB manufacturer). We have a PCB manufacturing plant in China.

3. Custom Multilayer PCBs

LST has the capability to manufacture printed circuit boards from 1 to 42 layers. The maximum board size for our multilayer PCBs is 23.62″*30.31″. Standard PCB manufacturing turnaround time depends on the complexity and number of boards required.

PCB Customization Process

The first step is requirement analysis. Before customizing the circuit board, clarify the customer’s needs. We need to think about the following questions: what are the size, number of layers and material requirements of the circuit board? What electronic components and connections should be supported? What is the complexity of the circuit? Clarifying these requirements can help us better choose the right customized solution and reduce the hassle caused by unreasonable design.

The second step is PCB design. We have professional PCB designers to complete the layout and drawing of the circuit board. The designer will develop a reasonable circuit layout and alignment scheme according to the requirements and objectives, and conduct electrical rule checking to avoid circuit errors. During the design process, our designers will communicate with customers repeatedly to ensure that there is no error in the design direction and result.

The third step is PCB prototyping. After determining the design drawings and related components, we will proceed with PCB prototyping. In the prototyping process, we can find out the problems of the product and solve them in time. In this way, we make sure that the product has no problems before mass production.

The fourth step is manufacturing and testing. We will make the PCB prototype according to the documents and carry out the process of lamination, chemical copper plating, mask printing and other processes. Upon completion, rigorous electrical and reliability testing is required to ensure that the board’s quality and performance meet the requirements.

The fifth step is mass production and assembly. If the prototype board passes the test and meets the requirements, we can discuss the mass production with the customer. We mass produce and assemble according to the customer’s needs, and give the customer a finished board.

How to get PCB customization price

If you have PCB customization needs, please contact our online customer service. We have the ability to provide you with custom PCB manufacturing in small to large quantities. We offer industry-leading online customer service, PCB quality, and consistent on-time delivery rates to all of our PCB customers. We offer printed circuit board manufacturing for domestic and offshore production. Custom PCB printing is the best source for competitively priced domestic and offshore PCB manufacturing.

We can be your one-stop partner for PCB manufacturing. Choose us for your custom PCB prototyping and then transition to our medium or high volume PCB manufacturing services without compromising quality or service. We have the ability to manufacture mixed technology PCBs in-house if required. We will provide mission critical printed circuit boards. We have the ability to deliver high volume PCBs anywhere in the world.

Depending on the final destination of your shipment, we can offer FOB Shenzhen or FOB Hong Kong. It’s all up to you.

We are a trusted manufacturer of high quality printed circuit boards. Let us provide you with the best possible pricing for your next high volume PCB project.