Quick Turn PCB Manufacturing Guide: How to choose manufacturer

Quick Turn PCB manufacturing means that PCB can complete mass production in a short time, so it is named “Quick Turn PCB”. Fast PCB can help customers realize the rapid entering the market, while ensuring sufficient capacity. High -quality, high efficiency, and relatively low cost make the Quick Turn PCB manufacturing very popular.

The advantage of fast PCB manufacturing

The advantages of fast PCB manufacturing mainly include the following points:

1. Quick delivery: The traditional PCB manufacturing process may take several days or weeks to complete, and the Quick Turn PCB manufacturing can be completed in just a few hours, which greatly shortens the product listing time.

2. High -precision: Quick TURN PCB manufacture uses high -precision laser or lithography technology, which can make PCB with high precision lines and details, which improves the reliability of the circuit.

3. Low cost: Although the initial investment manufactured by Quick Turn PCB may be high, due to its fast and high -precision characteristics, it can save a lot of time and cost in the long run.

4. Flexibility: Quick Turn PCB manufacturing allows designers and engineers to ite and modify during the manufacturing process to better meet product needs.

5. Customization: Quick Turn PCB manufacturing can customize the size, shape and materials of PCB according to the needs of the customer, thereby meeting various application needs.

Quick Turn PCB Prototypes

A PCB prototype is a fabricated PCB that is created to check and evaluate the functionality and capability of the final PCB assembly that is the objective of production, to make sure it meets the current required technical and electrical applications.

These prototype PCBs are created with all the functionalities and properties that are expected from the final finished PCBs. Prototypes help prove the PCB design, providing the avenue to thoroughly test it and resolve any performance or regulatory compliance issues before full manufacture commences.

The prototype stage is where the correction, addition, or omission of features are done to ensure that the final PCB assembly is without any technical errors. This is done before the quick turn automation begins in earnest. Therefore, valuable time is invested in prototype testing to support efficiency and performance.

Early prototypes can be drastically different from the finished product. Therefore, the first batch of prototypes is usually done in smaller quantities. Prototypes are crucial because it is difficult to make changes to a finished PCB.

Quick turn PCB prototypes are therefore beneficial for the following reasons:

●Save significant manufacturing costs.

●Avoid manufacturing defects or spotting them at an early stage for correction.

●Save valuable delivery time by meticulously checking the design for manufacturability.

●Avoid manufacturing delays by reducing changes during production.

●Provide chances for manufacturers to make adjustments before full production, based on client and user feedback.

How to ensure the quality of Quick Turn PCB manufacturing

To ensure the quality of the Quick Turn PCB manufacturing, the following measures can be taken:

1. Choose high -quality manufacturers: Choose a fast PCB manufacturer with good reputation and rich experience to ensure that its production technology and equipment meet industry standards.

2. Provide clear design files: ensure clear and accurate design files provided to the manufacturer, including the correct component layout, size, spacing and other details to avoid errors in the manufacturing process.

3. Make quality inspection: In the process of PCB manufacturing, quality inspection is very important. This includes random inspections of various stages of the manufacturing process to ensure that the PCB produced meets design requirements and quality control standards.

4. Perform factory testing: After the PCB manufacturing is completed, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive factory test. This includes electrical performance testing, appearance inspection and dimensional measurement to ensure the quality and reliability of PCB.

5. Use automation equipment: The use of automated equipment for PCB manufacturing and testing can reduce human errors and improve production efficiency, thereby ensuring product quality.

6. Strengthen communication and collaboration: Maintain close communication and collaboration with the manufacturer, timely solve the problems in the manufacturing process, and ensure that the quality of the product has been improved and improved in a timely manner.

7. Standards and specifications: Follow the relevant PCB manufacturing standards and specifications, such as IPC standards to ensure that the PCB created has good reliability and consistency.

What Are The Factors That Affect The Delivery Time Of Quick Turn PCB?

1. The complexity of PCB design. Many PCB manufacturers claim to provide the same day PCB, next day PCB, or 24 hours PCB manufacturing services. But please don’t be deceived by the simple statements. The simple design of single-sided PCB or double-sided PCB can be delivered within 24 hours, while the turnaround time for more complex designs of flexible PCB and rigid-flex PCB takes 7-10 days.

2. PCB materials. Different PCB types require different production materials, and not all PCB manufacturers have stocks of unique material. When ordering PCBs, it is necessary to consider the purchase time of PCB raw materials.

3. Difficulty factor of PCB process. We know that there are various holes on the PCB, such as plated through holes, blind holes, buried holes, etc. Each blind hole and buried hole needs to use a drill or laser drilling, and drilling, lamination, electroplating, etc. require additional time. HDI PCB takes more time.

4. The manufacturing capabilities of PCB manufacturers. You need to check your PCB manufacturers’ infrastructure to determine if they meet your fast turnaround time needs.

Some factors you need to consider are:

♦The size of the PCB manufacturing company;
♦Whether they have invested in advanced production equipment;
♦Whether they can control and influence material suppliers;
♦Whether they can purchase high-quality PCB raw materials;
♦Whether the PCB manufacturing company manufactures in-house or partially outsources;
♦Do they have professional PCB engineers;
♦Their logistics capabilities: logistics methods, relationships with logistics partners, etc.;

5. Pricing

Please believe in the eternal truth: the cheapest is not necessarily the best. All PCB manufacturers have their characteristics and strengths in terms of quality, turnaround time, and price. We need to evaluate based on the comprehensive capabilities of the PCB manufacturer and the complexity of the PCB itself.

How to choose a Quick Turn PCB manufacturer?

When choosing a Quick Turn PCB manufacturer, you need to consider the following aspects:

➤Quality assurance: First of all, the quality assurance system of the manufacturer needs to be examined, whether it has passed the quality certification such as ISO 9001, and whether there is a strict quality control process.

➤Experience and professionalism: Choose manufacturers with rich experience and professional knowledge to better understand your needs and provide high -quality services.

➤Equipment and technology: Examine the equipment and technical level of manufacturers, including manufacturing equipment, technical technology, testing equipment, etc. to ensure its ability to make fast and high -precision manufacturing.

➤Delivery time: Understanding the delivery time of the manufacturer can meet your emergency needs.

➤Price: Compared the price of different manufacturers, and at the same time, considering factors such as quality, delivery time, and the highest price -effective supplier.

➤Services and after -sales: Choose a manufacturer with good pre -sales and after -sales service, which can solve the problems of manufacturing and after -sales problems in a timely manner.

➤Cases and reference: View the cases and customer feedback of the manufacturer to understand their actual performance and reputation.

When choosing a fast PCB manufacturer, it is recommended to conduct field inspections to understand its actual production situation in order to make more accurate judgments. At the same time, you can refer to the recommendations and evaluations of the same industry in order to better choose a reliable manufacturer.

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