What is Turnkey PCB manufacturing service

Under normal circumstances, the functions and nature of the company are different, so their needs are also different. During the PCB manufacturing process, the customer’s needs are also different. Formula PCB manufacturing service. Next, the Turny PCB assembly service we want to discuss is the same as one-stop services. Let’s discuss together!

What is Turnkey PCB service

Turnkey PCB manufacturing service refers to the customer commissioned PCB manufacturers to be responsible for the entire process services of the product, including PCB design, electronic component procurement, PCB assembly, PCB testing, finished product assembly, etc. It is a product that can be used immediately. Simply put, the customer’s ideas are produced, and the manufacturer produces products. Customers use Turnkey PCBs for a wide range of benefits.

What are the advantages of PCB Turnkey service?

1. Control cost

Turnkey PCB service is to hand over the production tasks of the entire product to a company, so that the overall cooperation of the product will be very good, avoiding the connection between many agricultural industries and advertising, which can save a lot of turnover costs. At the same time, manufacturers have their own stable partners, and have a certain price advantage in raw materials, which can help customers control the cost.

2. Quality assurance

The Turnkey PCB process uses a modern production assembly line, has complete technical processes, and is equipped with high-precision detection equipment to ensure that every production link is strictly controlled. Turnkey PCB quality can withstand the test and meet the high requirements of customers.

3. Short delivery time

Traditional decentralized PCB manufacturing processes are more differentiated, and the cooperation of multiple manufacturers will also have some problems. The production cycle is long and the delivery time is difficult to guarantee. However, Turnkey PCB has excellent delivery speed, as the production of a complete PCB board takes only a few hours, not days. Once the customer places the order, PCB board production and delivery will be very fast.

4. Product test guarantee

In order to ensure Turnkey PCB quality, the company uses a strict product detection system. The detection process includes automated optical detectors, X-ray detectors, electronic microscopes and various laboratories. These testing equipment will ensure that the quality of the product can be discovered and resolved in a timely manner.

In short, Turnkey PCB manufacturing has advantages in all aspects, especially in terms of good quality, fast delivery time, and product testing guarantee. This makes Turnkey PCB the first choice for customers. No matter what industry or field, Turnkey PCB will become the best choice for PCB board manufacturing.

Why do you need to work with Leadsintec to assemble Turnkey PCB assembly services?

With a single source method, we can take on any complex project and complete it in a short time without compromising quality. As the main form of electronic assembly, Turnkey PCB assembly provides customers with the following benefits.

Our all-inclusive PCB assembly is an efficient and fast electronic assembly form. You don’t have to worry about managing multiple suppliers because we will be responsible for the entire manufacturing process.

With our complete set of Turnkey PCB assembly services, you can build and improve prototypes faster, easier, and more cost-effective.

We are all equipped with small batch circuit boards or full production operations for processing (passing holes, surface stickers, mixed).

We have verified the supply chain network to support the entire cross-key assembly process. With the end-to-end solution provided by a single provider, you can also save significantly.

We have a high-quality team of employees who are experienced in the assembly of the traffic board. They not only help meet your expectations for quality, but also complete your project faster.

High quality, high performance PCB assembly

Whether you are an aerospace engineer in a hurry or want to simplify the supply chain buyer, Turnkey is the most reliable complete Turnkey PCB solution.
Applicable to:
♠PCB designers and electrical engineers build prototypes or bring products to market.
♠Need a fast, predictable delivery time contractor.
♠Purchasing teams that need pricing and supply chain transparency.
♠The repairmen, enthusiasts and builders who benefit from our in-house CAM engineers will benefit.