Why Choose PCB Contract Manufacturing Services

OEM circuit board is the production model of many companies. They will look for PCB manufacturers all over the world, and sign PCB contract manufacturing services after determining cooperation. If you are looking for a PCB partner, then learn about LST and maybe you will stop your search and work with us.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, LST PCB Contract Manufacturer provides PCB manufacturing services to our customers across multiple industries. We strive to build close relationships with all our customers, taking the time to understand not only their technical needs, but also their broader business needs. Ultimately, our goal is to help you bring better products to market, and foundry manufacturing is a key part of that.

Why choose to contract a PCB manufacturer

There are many benefits to working with a PCB manufacturer that can help group companies save more money and get their products to market quickly. Benefits are listed below:

Accuracy and Production Speed: High product quality and minimum lead time are two important requisites to succeed in making a PCB assembly. With the advancement of technologies and facilities, experienced, trusted, and knowledgeable contract circuit board manufacturing companies assure both shortened lead time and high quality. To avoid further malfunctioning, the circuit boards are tested in real environments under the guidance of experts.

Minimum Designing Time: The circuit board designing time can be a big concern for many electronic component manufacturers. This is because the PCB assembly and fabrication process require time depending upon the complexity, layers, number of components, and other factors. However, a contract manufacturer will overcome such issues and some other design difficulties as they have the required experience and expertise.

One-Stop-Shop for Circuit Board Manufacturing: This is one of the important benefits of employing a contract PCB manufacturer. Highly experienced companies will offer end-to-end solutions for all your PCB manufacturing needs, right from the ideation stage to installation and beyond. This means you don’t need to contact different companies for assembling different components. They are responsible for handling everything ranging from the circuit board designing to the final production process. They also guarantee supply chain logistics, which is a major issue for several electronic parts manufacturers out there.

Low Operational Costs and Improved Production: For startups or small electronic firms it is a big deal to make such a huge capital investment. Therefore, partnering with contract manufacturers helps keep their operating expenses low. They can also be assured of improved time to market and increased volumes.

Quick Component Sourcing: Many small electronic manufacturers are worried about the overall costs associated with components and parts used in PCB assembly. Contract manufacturing helps them in several ways. Initially, they will review the circuit board design and assist compact and value-efficient designs that suit their application needs. Also, most of these manufacturers can source the right component from their supply chain network easily.

Reduces Costly Rework: The PCB design needs to be flawless and if there are any changes or errors they need to be fixed in the early stages. Contract manufacturers use thorough inspection and testing techniques at every stage of the PCB manufacturing process. These may include a combination of manual and automated testing techniques. Early testing and fixing bugs reduces costly replacement work and waste of production time.

Our Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Services

Our electronic contract manufacturing expertise encompasses a range of services:

Electronics component assembly: We provide surface mount and through-hole electronics assembly to IPC-A-610 standards in both leaded and ROHS technologies. An extensive selection of component placers, screen printers, soldering tools and other equipment drives both automated and semi-automated assembly processes. Our team works in two shifts to expedite orders while ensuring a high standard of quality control and circuit board assembly.

Box building and turnkey final assembly: We are unique from other local competitors in our box build capabilities, making us an ideal partner for contract electronic manufacturing in Pennsylvania. We’ll work with you to source a metal or plastic enclosure for your product, as well as any necessary wire harnesses or other components. We can also provide custom overlays and install them as part of the final assembly process to leave you with a finished electronic product design that’s ready for immediate drop shipment.

Testing: Your customers demand a high level of quality control — working with a contract manufacturer that can deliver in-house final testing is critical to both your reputation and your peace of mind. We have AOI test, ICT test, PCB function meter, flying probe test, etc. We can detect 100% of the problem parts.

Areas we serve

Over the past few years, LST has provided PCB contract manufacturing services to several customers in the following areas:

Medical: Medical equipment has always been a key manufacturing area for us. We have medical equipment manufacturing certificates to meet a variety of customer needs.

Intelligent home: Intelligent home products include microwave radar sensor lamps, intelligent air conditioners, intelligent stereos, and so on.

New energy fields: solar inverter, photovoltaic control system, electric vehicle charging pile are representatives of new energy PCB.

Consumer electronics: wearable devices, cell phones, audio devices, video devices. We also have many representative products.