Recently, we provide the newest product, AI OVEN, which has been core patented and put into mass production. Designed to fulfill the demands of users, these appliances aim to make cooking simple and enjoyable, even for newbies.

smart oven

AI Recognition: Core Patented Technology:

  • Smart Food Recognition: The oven can identify 22 categories and over 300 subcategories of ingredients, with an accuracy rate of over 95%.
  • Smart Food Weight/Quantity Estimation: The estimation error of food weight is within 15%.
  • Smart Food Color Recognition: It can detect the roasting state of the food in the process.

It can identify:

  • MEAT: chicken, chicken leg, rib, steak, lamb chop, grilled sausage, etc.
  • FISH: sea bass, mandarin fish, crucian carp, pomfret, grouper, yellow croaker, bream, etc.
  • SEAFOOD: scallop, shrimp, oyster, clam, etc.
  • PASTRIES: cake, bread, cookie, egg tart, pizza, etc.
  • VEGETABLES: sweet potato, potato/French fries, corn, eggplant, etc.

Self-adjusting Temperature Control System:

1.Auto temperature and time control:

  •  After identifying the category, weight and quantity of the food, our smart system can automatically set up the right temperature and time accordingly. It can all be done by simply pressing a button to start heating.
  •  Each kind of food is designed with a custom temperature model. By pressing one button, you can get all you need.

2.PID: accurate temperature control for each kind of food.

3.High capacity heater tube: It can quickly heat-up, and retain delicious flavor and texture of the food.

Create and Share High-quality Videos

1.Live streaming Distant control via mobile app.
I. Roasting: Real-time monitoring Check the food state in the oven;

2. Share videos with just one click

Time-lapse photography: Record baking processes, and make 10s small videos;

I. Share short time-lapse videos to WeChat, QQ and other online communities;

smart oven

Smart Recipes

  • Custom recipes

For more satisfying user experiences, we offer a large number of custom recipes for the oven.

  • Video and graphic recipes

Video and graphic recipes on the mobile app, easy and simple.

Multifunction Oven

  1. Primary functions: Smart roasting ,Manual roasting
  2. Other functions: Fermentation, Thawing, Yogurt, Dried fruit.

Premium Settings

  1. 30 L large capacity: It’s a great solution for even big families.
  2. 5-inch TFT touch screen: With it, the oven is simple to use, just like a mobile phone.
  3.  The oven liner is oil-proof and easy to clean.
  4. Heat resistant double-layer thermo glass is best at keeping it warm and safe.
  5. Double hinge enables the oven door to be stable in any position.
  6. The oven bulb emits a warmer light for a pleasant atmosphere to taste delicious food.


smart oven

Comparison with other Ovens and Similar Products

smart oven

smart oven

Download: Aikee_AI_Oven_EN1215.PDF