AI Multifunction Griddler–easy cooking, fully enjoyable. | Leadsintec

AI Multifunction Griddlers, this is our company’s newest product this year. It was designed to fulfill demands of common people, its aim to make cooking simple and enjoyable. Let you experience high-tech Griddler with difference traditional. Surely, the good news is AI Griddlers have been put into mass production. So, you can have a chance to get it not only yourself enjoy or for do business.

let’s see the appliance detail information below:

AI Griddler, Custom Steak for You.

  • AI-powered steak recognition:
    • Built-in wide-angle camera precisely recognizes the steak and its thickness;
    • Weight sensors intelligently assess the weight press needed;
  • Users can select how their steak cooked:
    • rare, medium, medium well, and well done for your preference;
    • When the cooking finishes, you can save your preference in Favorites, which would be recommended next time accordingly;
  • Automatically figure out the suitable steak heating model:
    • Based on the recognition results and user preference, the griddler can calculate the needed temperature and time;

AI Recognition for your meals

  • AI food recognition: The smart camera can identify a large number of food and automatically adjust custom temperature and time;
  • Besides steak, the smart griddler can handle all your meals:
    • Breakfast
    • Grilling food for lunch
    • Light meal as dinner

Smart Weighing

  • The 4 weight sensors in each griddler can accurately calculate the weight of food. Thanks to the AI recognition system, it can precisely calculate the suitable heating model.
  • Kitchen scale: Mode on, peeling function is used for measuring the precise weight of the food;
  • Upper limit of weighing: 3kg, accurate to 1g;

Precise Temperature Model

  • AI recognition + precise temperature control, custom temperature model for each kind of food, to preserve the best taste of the food.

Suspended, Double-sided oil-proof hot plate for better gridding

  • Suspended hot plate:adapted to the thicknesses of different food for better gridding;
  • Double-sided hot plate: It can evenly cook on both sides without turning the food over.
  • Oil-proof hot plate: Simple and easy to clean;

Intelligent Networking and Collaborative Systems

  • 2.4-inch TFT color screen with touch buttons and knobs, simple and easy to operate.
  • Wifi intelligent networking: free software upgrading for adding more food recognition technologies
  • Remote control and real-time checking the countdown to heating on mobile app.


Finally, this is main information about this product, if you have interest, please contact asap.