Congratulations Victor & Steve Get Very Close to Success of Developing the UV Detection Wristband | LEADSINTEC

Today, our UK customer Mr Steve comes to our company to discuss the improvement of the UV detection wristband prototype we made last Month.This wristband was just a conception at beginning who came up with by Mr Steve since 2010, and asked for help from Victor who is the founder of Leadsintec to help design and manufacture it.

The UV detection wristband is the product which can detect UV radiation on your skin when people expose in the sun, especially playing on the beach. When the UV radiation comes to some degree, the motor inside will vibrate to remind you to use sunscreen or hide in a shady spot. Also, it needs be waterproof IP67 incase some people who like diving.

Leadsintec is an electronics manufacturing service (EMS) provider located in Shenzhen China since 2004, who offers full range service of electronics & enclosure design, printed circuit board (PCB), components sourcing and built onto pcb board (pcb assembly), box build, packaging and functional testing.

It took far more time than expected from the conception, to electronics design and components choosing. When the first electronics circuit board prototype came out, it already was 2015, 5 years passed by, both parties put much time and effort into it. Just like every first generation, it is imperfect, so the second generation was laid on the table afterwords.

The second generation was not only considered to make the circuit board out, but also with a complete product out which means from the housing to the band, it should be a whole unit. On July 2016, it was a memorable day, Leadsintec manufactured a whole product sucessfully. Though it was still not very perfect, but it is much better than the first generation, just a few details should be improved. That’s the reason why Mr Steve came to visit us in person today.

After spent a day discussion with Mr Steve, Leadsintec fully understood Mr Steve’s requirements on the improvement of the UV detection wristband. Since only need to make a few changes on the product, it is already very close to success. Soon on the following days Leadsintec is going to manufacture the third generation, let’s wait and see that miracle moment!