Customers from Argentina visited our company

Today, customers from Argentina came to Shenzhen headquarters to visit. The company leaders accompanied the whole process to visit our SMT workshop, DIP workshop, and our assembly workshop. Customers recognize our company’s PCB assembly strength and reach a cooperation agreement for PCB manufacturing and manufacturing of consumer goods.

The PCB processing of consumer goods is the project we are good at. We have the ability to assemble from development to finished products. We have developed smart wearable products, consumer electronics, and IoT devices for customers. We can have the strength to complete the customer’s product needs.

Shenzhen LeadsINTEC provides global customers with high -quality circuit board manufacturing and assembly. We keep pace with the times, change the development mode, create a one -stop PCBA online intelligent service platform, provide online payment, order inquiry, logistics tracking and other services, for tradition The transformation of enterprises provides successful samples, continuously enhances the competitiveness of products in the global market, and is committed to providing high -quality electronic intellectual services for global customers.

We have various advanced electronic product processing equipment such as automatic printing machines, fully automatic patch machines, hot recovery welding, automatic wave welding, etc. The company’s plant area is 6,000 square meters, there are more than 200 first -line employees, 5 SMT new JUKI Line, daily standard production capacity of 8 million points; 4 hand -plug lines, daily standard production capacity 2.5 million points; 2 each of the assembly packaging line; at the same time, equipped with tin paste detector, offline AOI, ICT tester and other equipment; the company design in PCB design With manufacturing, electronic product manufacturing has rich experience. With its strong capital strength and sufficient excellent talent resources, it can ensure that the products are meticulous and well -carved from design, development, and production. Come to visit cooperation.