FIEE Electronica 2019 Came to a Satisfactory Close | LEADSINTEC

Recently, the FIEE electronic exhibition 2019 in Brazil, came to an end. The electronics industry is already a fairly mature industry, and the FIEE Electronics Show has became a stage for exhibitors to showcase their advanced technology, front-end products and corporate brand image.


At this year’s Electronics Show, the theme and method of exhibitors have changed significantly compared to the past. They will tell the audience through various forms that electronic components have penetrated into the whole life of human beings and can be perceived. The content of the show also shifted from the early display of electronic components only to systems display, overall solutions, and end products. The vistors’ purpose has also changed. They are no longer only pay attention to the technical principles of electronic components and how it works, but also focus on what problems can be solved.

Leadsintec, as 14years golden OEM & ODM manufacturer, who providing one stop PCBA & EMS turnkey service, very honored to attend this exhibition and got a big success. Let’s look forward to next Journey, PCB West 2019 on Sep. 9-11, 2019.