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With this covid pandemic, the economic circumstances are be changed, this is shocked many industries and businesses. Many people could be discouraged or even abandoned, but we still hold the line and fight for ourselves and the company.

Generally, businessmen contact foreign customers often with email, but the tool has a huge fault that they can’t establish more steady and friendly business relationships.

During pandemic times, face-to-face communication wasn’t a cost higher’s issue but already become an impossible task.

To change this position, we change our mindset, positively asked customers for an ongoing online business meeting, and try to make a more active business vibe and establish more friendly relations.

On 15th June, our business department and foreign customers were taking an online meeting. Two partners discussed ongoing orders and some issues at production in a friendly mood.

Our boss expressed again and our have extensive experience and strength in the area of manufacturing and assembling PCBs, will and must be keeping our words to customer at quality and others.

Counterparty said very satisfactory cooperation with our parts, and positively expressed will be developed deeply business relationship and expand more business, this is a win-win choice. At last, the two bosses expressed appreciation for each other and satisfied finished the meeting.

This online meeting not only strengthens two-partner communication, and also closed two parts relationship, which has a huge push affects.