Our company ISO9001 quality management system for review | Leadsintec

As the known, PCBA is an industry that needs to hold quality control high and continuously rectify, especially in this cut-throat environment.

QAIC quality system certification experts come to our company on May 23 and reviewed the system for one day. Experts with audit, inquiry, check original record at workplace methods to a whole, strict and careful inspection our important department Operation.


review meeting

In this review, expert inquiry and check production line’s operation, especially, all kinds of quality lable, facility operation, and quality records. Department supervisor cooperation expert audit work with a positive attitude, and heard expert suggestions and advice, and guarantee will rectify this fault and question. In this serious atmosphere, review work is done on this day.

check SMT line

check reflow oven operation

Dip line


In the conclusion meeting, our boss said quality administrator system promote have no endless, only just hold on and continuously improvement could promote our administration level to a higher layer, and then can hold customer get good products and services, and our company could gain more profits and have big development.

Victor Zhang

We must keep the ISO9001 quality administration system in effective operation, so this, could enhance customer confidence in the company, and generate identification to our high administration. So, we must keep doing our job in the future and enhance our capability.