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PCB manufacturability design and case study of the character, shape, assembly board (graphic combination, recommended)

PCB design is complicated, and various unexpected factors can affect the overall solution. In order to produce high-quality PCB boards on time, without increasing design time and costly rework, design and circuit integrity issues must be identified early in the design process.

However, there are very many small details in the PCB design process. Some small details that are not well noted, are very likely to affect the performance of the entire PCB, and even determine the success or failure of the entire product. In order to maximize design efficiency and product quality, we should also pay attention to what details ?

In the current process of interfacing with customers, we have also summarized some of the character, shape, and spelling board design considerations. As a high reliability multilayer board manufacturer, Lxt Electronics focuses on PCB development and manufacturing to provide customers with a highly reliable and short lead-time boarding experience.

Our mission is to “reduce cost and increase efficiency for the electronics industry”. We know that in the main production chain, the design development and design engineering cost of the product, although accounting for a small percentage, can have a great impact on the total cost. In view of the important role of the product design stage on the final product quality and cost, the following is a combination of actual cases on the character, shape and board design, to share expert solutions to some problems in the design, in order to help the whole process to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


Industry common is machine paste. The requirements for the logo are not high, but from the engineering point of view, the character of the upper window pad will be determined as a design exception, will be back and forth EQ communication time-consuming.

Expert advice.
For the maintenance and welding convenience to place them outside the device frame, dense area in order to place or not place the bit number.

Form design case 1: design the internal milling slot to consider
The current milling cutter into inaccessible & productivity issues


Problem: The design file provided by the customer, the inner slot needs to be dug, but the pitch at the arch is lower than 0.8 mm, and the conventional milling cutter cannot enter

Expert advice: without affecting the role of this plate, we can suggest the customer to increase the distance at the arc; the concave corner position is placed “clear corner hole” (see the white arrow)


Problem: the board edge connection bit design, two adjacent boards, one side is rounded, the other side is straight, the middle is a stamp hole connection. milling cutter to cut, will cause a sharp angle after the split board. The need to weld to grind into rounded corners; from the back end of the treatment, generally in the stamp hole at both ends of the hole drilling, drilling will have a slight damage to the board, generally have an impact on the product, but in terms of PCB standards, may produce disputes

Expert advice: In case of not affecting the structure, it is recommended to change the rounded corners to right angles or add “clear corner holes” to increase production efficiency, but also to make the board more beautiful.


The problem: the spelling board direction expression, the customer provides a similar completely symmetrical spelling plate schematic diagram as above left, or provides a similar physical diagram as above right for reference, does not clearly indicate the direction of the spelling board. If you do not look carefully at the middle of the small device symbols, the back-end staff is difficult to know is the right spelling, easily mistaken for the spelling, resulting in welding device interference can not be welded.

Expert advice: From a standard perspective, the need for clear directional identification on the design file (except for asymmetric files)

These are a few examples of PCB design detail optimization. As an industrial digital service platform committed to improving the traditional electronic industry chain service model with information technology, Lxt Electronics has optimized the above four actual cases in the process of receiving orders. Highly reliable products + visual delivery experience and trustworthy service is our commitment to our global customers. We really put into practice our original intention and mission of “reducing costs and increasing efficiency for the electronics industry” with our actions!