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Box Build OEM Service from Leadsintec

Leadsintecis skilled in all elements of assembling electronics into mechanical enclosures, and has rich experience in system integration and high level assembly including Build to Order (BTO) and Configure to Order (CTO).

Box Biuild

With strong assembly capabilities and a professional engineering team, our box build services aim to meet customer expectations in terms of quality and reliability, and our 6 dedicated box build production lines, offer flexible and efficient assembly of complete products.

In addition, we have enjoyed more than 8 years deep cooperation with partners in molding, stamping, forming, and injection services, so you can trust Leadsintec to source high quality extrusions, brackets, housings, and enclosures.

Leadsintec’s Box Build turnkey services include materials procurement, PCBA, final assembly manufacture, software installation, final test, packaging (including manuals and all accessories), warehousing and shipping directly to customers or the end users.

We control the entire process from procurement of mechanical parts from our vendors, to coordination of all the logistics,so we can ensure we build and deliver your products at the right time, at the right price and the right quality.
Electronics assembly may well be sufficient for many costumers, but more and more customers are looking to have a complete solution including mechanic assembly, software installation and supplied in their own packaging material.

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We can offer a “one-stop-shop” solution for complete electronic devices. leadsintec has a dedicated production line that offers assembly of complete devices, apparatus or systems. From the Bill of Material (BOM) and drawings, we assemble the electronics and mechanics according to the customers instructions. We are also able to program or pre-install software in the devices. Our box-build service aim to meet any customers expectations in terms of quality and reliability. leadsintec controls the entire process from procurement of mechanical parts with their own (or client) vendors to coordinate all logistics for building the customer’s product at the right time, price and quality.