New high-speed mount machine, coming with new development!

An unusual scene happened at the SMT workshop on 26th July, that’s dedicated channel had opened that is prepared for big equipment installed. Downstair is now lifting a new high-speed mount machine to this channel. A worker is an adjustment lifter carefully and that try pulls the big stuff into the workshop. We can watch the new machines slowly entering the channel. One is JUKI RS-1R, and another is RX-7R, all are mainstream mount equipment in the SMT industry.


new machine is waiting for lift

The lifting process is very smooth, and the next step will be enter install and adjustment process. According engineer introduced, new equipment will replace with old ones. The new high-speed mount machine work efficiently more than old 3~4 times, and it will promote PCB productive capacity. The new machine will be operating soon as after all things is ok.

lifting machine

As the saying goes, “business fields are like battlefields”. Assessment of the situation and making decisions are the most important skills of a company leader. Now, the whole electronics industry stays at the unsteady situation, Covid-19 isn’t ultimately faded out, our company executives making resolutely decided purchase new high-speed mount machine, that highlight enthusiasm to prospect industry and enormous confidence. These actions with energy pour into a strong motivation to company staff too. We believe our company will grasp the chance that economic bounce, and have a bigger development.

unload machine