For the general public, jump rope is an affordable and simple exercise that doesn’t require a lot of equipment and space. It’s also an effective full-body aerobic workout. British fitness expert Mam also stressed that jump rope helps with strengthening cardiovascular, respiratory, and nervous systems. That’s why many ladies regard rope skipping as an excellent method of burning body fat. Simple, easy, and weather-proof, all you need is a skipping rope.
The calories burned off from 60-minute of jump rope are far greater than those of other popular sports. However, a traditional skipping rope is not problem-free.
  1. No skip counting
Traditional skipping ropes require manual measurement where people count the skips for others or themselves. You might have been stuck in such a situation: You may forget the number…even cannot maintain previous breathing rhythm and paces. As time goes by, it’s more likely that errors will occur. Without accurate counting, all your efforts are in vain.
  1. No timing
You might need to record the timings when jumping rope. Traditional skipping ropes have no timers, and you may have to use other timing devices, causing inconvenience.
  1. No records and performance analysis
We’re in a digital society, yet traditional skipping ropes lag far behind. They cannot record and analyze exercise data in a period, which has to be done by your own experience. That means you cannot harness scientific data to understand your weaknesses and progresses in jump rope. For persons who want to lose weight, the traditional skipping ropes are simply boring. To resolve these issues, we launch a type of smart skipping rope for jump rope fans. The smart skipping rope not only overcomes the shortcomings aforesaid, but also makes the exercise funner and more scientifically based. Five features: 1.Auto recording After presetting, the smart skipping rope can automatically record the skip numbers and timing, so that you can totally focus on the workout. Modes for selection: freestyle, skip counting, timing.
2.Data is recorded automatically and can be checked on the mobile app. After each workout, data is saved in the Cloud. Users can access the data on the mobile app, such as calories burned, the number of jump rope workouts, timing, and others for each day and month, so that users can understand their weaknesses and progresses. The auto recording makes jump rope funner and more scientifically based.
3.Two smart skipping ropes: indoor vs. Outdoor We offer two kinds of smart skipping ropes specializing in indoor and outdoor conditions. This smart skipping rope avoids the pitfalls of loud noise or destroying stuff in the room.
4.The built-in rechargeable lithium battery can be fully charged in 2 hours and continuously used for 25 hours, with over 30-day standby. For general users, the battery can completely satisfy their needs.
5.Durable and high-tech materials Cable: It is made of high-strength wear-resistant coated steel wire rope, which is strong enough, and users shall not be worried about its service life. Handle: It is made of professional slip-resistant materials and durable metal diamond rings, comfortable and handy. Recording system: With a reliable electronic design, it is composed of high-quality PCBA components, three Hall effect sensors, and custom chips, all for accurate data recording.
Are you interested in this product? Please contact us! Contact us: Shenzhen Leadsintec Technology Co., Ltd Website: Email: P.S. How to Jump Rope: The Complete Guide for High-tech Jump Rope in the Right Way 1.When jumping rope, you shall hop and land with the forefeet, instead of landing on the full feet or heels to avoid concussion. When jumping in the air, do not distort your body excessively, or it might form a bad habit. Please breathe naturally and in rhymes. 2.Hold the rope’s handles in each of your hands. Generally, you need to step over the middle of the rope with one leg and extend your forearms vertically, until the rope is straight and its length is suitable for you. 3.When rotating the rope, your upper arms shall be closer to your body while extending the elbows vertically. Use your wrists to spin forward and your hands to rotate and swing the rope over your head. Every time, the rope shall go up and down from the front, above to behind, making a full circle. The speed of the rope rotation is proportional to the speed of the hand swinging, that is, the faster the swing, the faster the rope spins. 4.When stopping the rope, you can do it in two ways. First, when the rope is moving forward, you can stretch out one of your feet, with the forefoot above the ground and the heel on the ground. The rope shall be stopped when you step it over and right below your foot. Second, when the rope is going down behind, you can also stretch out one of your feet, with the heel above the ground and the forefoot on the ground. The rope shall be stopped when you step it over and right below your foot. Thanks!